A Collection of Journals



The Learner knowledge community sets out to foster inquiry, invite dialogue and build a body of knowledge on the nature and future of learning. In so doing, the journals in the Learner Collection provide a forum for any person with an interest in, and concern for, education at any of its levels and in any of its forms, from early childhood, to schools, to higher education and lifelong learning — and in any of its sites, from home to school to university to workplace.

The Learner Collection consists of:

  • The International Journal of Learning: Annual Review - ISSN: 1447-9494 (print), 1447-9540 (online)

Themed Journals:

  • The International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum - ISSN: 2327-7963 (print), 2327-9133 (online)
  • The International Journal of Assessment and Evaluation - ISSN: 2327-7920 (print), 2327-8692 (online)
  • The International Journal of Literacies  - ISSN: 2327-0136 (print), 2327-266X (online)
  • The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning - ISSN: 2328-6318 (print), 2328-6296 (online)
  • The International Journal of Early Childhood Learning - ISSN: 2327-7939 (print), 2327-8722 (online)
  • The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education - ISSN: 2327-7955 (print), 2327-8749 (online)
  • The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities - ISSN: 2327-0128 (print), 2327-2627 (online)
  • The International Journal of Technologies in Learning - ISSN: 2327-0144 (print),  2327-2686 (online)
  • The International Journal of Educational Organization and Leadership - ISSN: 2329-1656 (print), 2329-1591 (online)
  • The International Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning - ISSN: 2327-7971 (print), 2327-915X (online)

The annual review publishes once per volume; the thematiaclly focused journals publish quarterly.

Authors can request which of the thematic journals they would prefer for the publication of their article. Alternatively, when the author does not opt to make a selection, the Common Ground editorial team will curate each paper into the appropriate thematic journal.

The annual review consists only of articles considered to be of wide interest across the field selected by our editorial team in consultation with the Advisory Board. We do not accept direct submissions to the annual review. Candidates for inclusion in the survey journal will include top-ranked articles, works by invited contributors, articles offered by plenary speakers at the conference, and articles selected from thematic journal submissions for their wide applicability and interest across the field.

Subscribers and conference participants are offered access to the whole collection of journals, organized into thematic sessions and the survey journal for ease of access and clearly differentiated focus of interest.